Our Story

Six years ago we found that no matter how much training we put our dog through, how perfectly he behaved on the leash 99% of the time, the 1% wild exploded from him whenever he heard The Call.
The Call is what an animal feels when they see another. The Call is the whispering from the forest described by Jack London in The Call of the Wild. The Call is hard wired into the biology of the animals we call "domestic."
Our Duke kept hearing The Call during walks around the neighborhood, and we kept getting rope burns from other rope leashes. So we jerry-rigged our own with a wooden handle. Since then, our wrists are pristine, Duke is happy, and we look forward to every walk again. We've only got a few years left with Duke, but the leash looks like it'll be with us until his litter's litters are roaming the earth.
We believe every big dog has a sliver of Buck's spirit from The Call of the Wild within them. Call it does, and listen they do.
It's nice to have control when The Call comes from a stray cat on the other side of a busy street.
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